[Format] Termination

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[Format] Termination

Post by Samuel Dunston » Mon Nov 18, 2019 12:43 am

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[float=right][imgmh=65]http://prince.dog/u/SASP - Copy.png-November172019.png[/imgmh][/float][color=#FFFFFF][b]SAN ANDREAS STATE POLICE
[block=black][/block][size=120][box=#f2eecb ][font=roboto]On November 17th, 2019;
Under the orders of [b]YOUR RANK, NAME, POSITION[/b]; 

RANK[/size][size=150]NAME[/size][size=120] is hereby terminated from employment with the San Andreas State Police. For the reasons below.

[i]All property and possessions are ordered to be returned to the agency in a timely manner. This order comes with the revocation of law enforcement authority and any associated powers. Possession of a badge, uniform, crest or any device or insignia representing the agency is an administrative code infraction, punishable by a fine of $5,500 after effect of this notice. Termination includes the revocation of any Law Enforcement Saftey Act Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. Any key, keycard, electronic login, electronic mail account or access system that was given to the employee by the agency must be surrendered. Any facility or structure associated with the agency where restricted access applies is hereby revoked, and the employee may only access the public facilities while conducting official business, to the threat of a charge for criminal trespass. [/i]
Major Samuel Dunston
District 3 Commander[/align]

Major Samuel Dunston
District 3 Commander

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